Good Guys Car Show in Columbus

Leave a comment below the gallery, letting me know which photo I shot today deserves to be on Oh, and feel free to share using the links to the left. Thanks!!!

[prophoto type=thumb_list post_id=2258 thumbs=small preview=xlarge]

  1. I like the orange Camaro. My dad had one that was similar but his was a pale yellow.

    I love that the new Camaro really looks like this one too! The new Dodge Challenger looks hot too.

    • I’m a big fan of both the new Camaro and Challenger as well. If I had the dough to buy one today, I’d probably go with a new orange Camaro. Thanks Joel!

  2. Sharon K

    Love the flame hotrod, but the Barney Fife car is cool too!

    • Snapped a shot back in 2007 of what I think is the same car (under portfolio Photo – Speed) in the menu. Definitely a nice looking car, thanks Jeremy!

  3. Pamela Hunter

    definitely a toss up between the red convertible and the green cuda…been trying to decide for ten minutes now. you’re gonna have to call it cuz i can’t decide:)

  4. snyderguy

    All are definitely nice, but I’m leaning toward #1, #2, or the red Bel Air.

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