You’re in the spotlight

There’s quite a bit of talk going on about the “mega-churches” or the “elite Christian leaders” of the day that has my stomach spinning. What’s really a shocker is that the ministry or style of leading is no better or more important than what every single believer is doing every day with their life. It doesn’t take a church of 800+ to have eternal impact or make a difference in a culture. That is proven. A person doesn’t have to have a Mac to succeed at design (personal shot at myself, LOL). What I do has no more value in the eyes of the Lord than even a high school student is just putting together their first website or design. God is so focused on each of us, and I think sometimes we look way past the real power that is in that love.

Who is at fault for shining the light on people like that? I think many are, including myself. I’ve interviewed people that aren’t known, and those who are a household name across the world. I’m not saying that those with a strong name are doing the wrong thing, they could very much be doing something that has great eternal value. They deserve to be where they are, and can and should speak into others’ lives based on the experiences God has given them. What I am wrestling with is that we all need to be extremely thankful for today’s work that God has for us to do. And those that “review” what is going on need to realize that those stories have just as much potential at adding one more to the kingdom of God as any other does. There was an excellent article written on this the past week over at one of my favorite blogs at Collide Magazine. I challenged the editor of the magazine to actually take the step with me and lead more of a focus on people that are putting their heart into glorifying God as those we have rallied around before.

Praise God for you! Praise Him for the eternal impact your personal walk has had on His kingdom. Each thought that had to be wrestled with, prayers that were sent up around you, lesson you shared with your children or people in your youth group or class, moments spent with a friend as you encouraged them through something. My spotlight today is shining on those moments of your life. I thank you for choosing to glorify our great God. Why do I shine the spotlight on you? Because God doesn’t carry small flashlights and huge spotlights around. His light is shining on you, and that is all that will matter. Go blog, go pray, go speak, go read, go sing, go laugh, and beat the snot of the devil while you’re doing it. As Brian Regan would say, “Go my favorite sports team GO, beat the other team, SOUNDLY in the skirmish!”

  1. This is a good word. Bloom where you are planted. I think too often people seek attention for the good that they are doing instead of being satisfied with seeking first the kingdom of God. As a result, people are jealous of others who are noticed instead of excited that the kingdom of God is being proclaimed.

  2. Gabe, I'm so glad I found your blog.

    This is a great word. I have been struggling recently reading blogs and stuff by people who are ultra-'successful' and its quite demoralising reading about how people are adding hunders to their churches every week when we're not seieng any growth although we feel we're doing exactly what God tells us to!

    Thanks for the encouragement that it doesn't matter how successful we look in the eyes of men, it only matters that we serve God with all our hearts!

  3. Chris Yoder

    Wow! Thanks for sharing! Your mom and I were talking about this very thing today on the phone.:) God has given each of us "gifts" and He wants us to use them to bring honor and glory to Himself. Some "gifts" are more visible than others, but no more important. We each need to do what God has called US to do. If we try to do what God has called someone else to do, then what He had for us goes undone. If I start to get off track from what God has called me personally to do for Him, He always brings this verse to my mind: Gal. 1:10 – "Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ."

  4. Dwayne Forehand

    Ditto on the good word! Focusing too on someone elses calling can distract us from our own.

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