Welcome to you and WordPress!

wordpressWhat a day! I should have learned by now that when you hear people shouting because they love something, there’s probably something to the object of affection! There’s lots of that going around these days. Apple, Twitter, Facebook, and…….WordPress! I had personally been a witness to the thrills of the first three before today, but not the fourth.

For close to 5 years now I have been blogging, but was honestly embarrassed to even share my blog address. Reason #1: As a designer, you usually only share the web addresses that  you’re fond of. It’s pretty bad when one of those you are hiding is your own blog! Reason #2: I blogged pretty often, but sometimes put it off because of the network I was a part of (Xanga). It worked, but just wasn’t near as fun as using Twitter or Facebook to post updates with. Social networking tools should not defeat your blog / site, but they were. 

That stops today. This evening I was excited to see that importing 292 blog posts from the last 5 years into this new site was going to be a success. I also really enjoyed spending a pretty small amount of time customizing the design of this blog, thanks to the nice system they have setup here at WordPress! I can now be one of those techies that is proud to be part of this network. If it’s anything like the first three I mentioned, I’m sure there are even better days ahead. And I believe I’ve even seen some of those genuine geeks with stickers and t-shirts just like the other three as well? 

I’m now excited to invite people to my blog, and appreciate you taking the time to stop by. Being able to offer both RSS and email subscriptions is pretty sweet, and hopefully you’ll benefit from using either and sharing life with me more frequently. Now the task of getting my wife moved over as well! She’s an author (didn’t want to blog back in 2005), but now has quite the following. And of course, she was born with a love for words, so you can only imagine how much she’s anticipating moving over here. Have a great MLK Day tomorrow, and thanks for your time!

  1. It’s looking great Gabe. Hope that you continue to post a lot about technology, and life and all of that. I look forward to reading what you have to say and hopefully learning something from your experiences.

    • Thanks for the comment, Allan! Which tech camp are you referring to? I spoke at PodCamp Ohio last year. Maybe I'm not awake yet, LOL.

  2. Yes. I am speaking at BibleTech in March out in Seattle. Wasn't sure what you meant by tech camp. Really looking forward to coming out there! Should be an awesome conference!

  3. Loving the new look and colors man. Clean and simple. Then again, I'm a sucker for orange and black.

    Nice work.

    • Thanks Brad! Orange is my favorite color, so it's nice to have a site that uses it. Have been contemplating the footer, and seeing the Apple logo on yours sure gave me an idea! Adding you to the tech blogroll now.

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