Web mechanic

For some reason God is bringing more work my way than ever before. I will be the first to admit that I am overwhelmed right now. I was talking to Marla about all of this and then got two emails from potential new clients. God’s funny at times isn’t he? Marla made a statement that maybe web design is like cleaning your house. I wouldn’t know how to relate that to you, because for some reason I don’t really understand that area all that much. I’ll try a different angle. You could compare a website to a car – brand new one day and the next day something goes wrong with it and your mechanic has to fix it or update it with a new part.

It is definitely a service role – where you are creating a product for someone else’s benefit, and I don’t really have a problem with being in that type of a role. The good thing is that I enjoy web design and am glad God has placed me into this work.  Some sites might be redundant work, but they do pay the bills. I should look at all of this and be thankful beyond measure to the clients that partner with me and allow me to continue working with them. I guess I should get back to updating one of those old websites. My clients could hire some other mechanic (or maid) I guess!

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