Speaking from the heart

I’ve always felt like I should have “an agenda” for this blog, so this website has scared me away for the most part. How could your own blog / site do that to you?

I know the blogs I enjoy most are usually written by people that are transparent about more things than they are hush-hush about. You can almost smell them while reading their posts. Do you have a blog like that you’d recommend me checking out?

Here are a few things that are swirling around in my mind this evening, so we’ll see if it’s a good start:

  1. I’ve had an insane last few weeks when it comes to Digital Disciples. There’s a good chance that I’ll be working with this guy on turning it into an actual entity (501c3 non-profit from what it’s looking like).
  2. God woke me up around 5:15am one morning a few weeks ago, and wouldn’t let me go back to sleep until I sent someone an email. I’m anxious to share details with you about that, but the timing will have to be right on that.
  3. I finally made the leap (after saving up some money on the side) to purchase a new 13″ MacBook Air. It’s the kind of machine that makes blogging a comfortable thing, and I was even able to power it up enough to run my design software on it (thanks to my friend Andrew – who saved me a good amount of money with his Friends & Family discount).
  4. Enjoyed starting to read Rob Bell’s Love Wins book (and discuss it openly), and am excited to read what Jon Acuff has to say in his new book that comes out on May 10th.

Thanks for stopping by. Shorter posts coming, more frequently, and possibly without any agenda before I start writing them. Think that’s a good thing?


  1. enjoyed “hearing” your heart ! And think it is best when with our WHOLE LIFE…there is “no agenda”….just listening and obeying GOD…. 1” behind Him ! Keep listening and trusting….HE is taking YOU somewhere…for HIS GLORY…from Glory to Glory !

    • Pretty awesome to think that following Christ is an adventure. Praying that more people get to realize that He can take them somewhere. Even if (like where I am now) they’re not sure what the next day holds.

  2. Being a design minded person, I find writing difficult… so starting posts with no agenda sounds like a good idea. I also like the dot points format, it feels ‘raw’ and natural, mimicking how we think (in snippets, not articles).

    You may already have a post on it, but I’d like to hear more about your ‘Design software’, what product it is and how it performs on the MacBook Air.

    • Thanks Ben! I don’t have a post yet on the design software I use, and definitely not the MacBook Air (received it Wednesday). I’ll be sure to write on that in the next few days. Glad you stopped by!

  3. Glad that you’re blogging, Gabe.

    Whether you have an agenda or not is fine with me… the world just needs to hear what you have to say!

    • Thanks Peter! I know feeling like you deserve to be heard is one of the obstacles to blogging, and I thank God that He’s guiding what I have to say.

  4. Awww yeah! I’m glad to know you and your family. God is inviting each of us into a life of joy in him, rather than a mundane existence. He is the risen, Lord and the same spirit that raised Jesus from the grave lives in each of his followers.

    This is exciting stuff.

  5. Claudia Porpiglia

    Enjoyed this post. It is encouraging to see that you are reading Rob Bell’s book “Love Wins”. I am planning on reading it as well. Sounds like God is spurring you on in your journey (or adventure!)…praying that you are able to hear His leading at every phase.

  6. Gabe, your post history indicates you don’t let that fear drive yo uaway too far.

    I just finished a book called The Syllable of Water. It’s a collection of 20 Christian writers of all genres and stripes. It was fascinating to me how everyone had a different style. One person lamented a friend who could write complete books in basically one draft. She said that for her writing was fits, spurts, and streams of consciousness. She also said she tends to write 3-4 books at once, because she has to have places to put thoughts that don’t fit in a universal “current project” bin.

    I relate to that because it is how I have always worked. For a long time I avoided a blog because it created publishing pressures. I felt like I had to extract honest yet polished thoughts directly from my mind.

    I recently have begun to sidestep that problem by looking at my blog as a brain dump – a digital journal of first drafts and impressions, regardless of how they fit into a schema. Now that I have started, both in a blog and in a handwritten journal, I am lamenting all of my lost thoughts over the years.


    I like what you’re doing here. Keep it up. Opportunities will emerge.

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