Learnin’ the ropes

Two weeks ago I got my first RC electric plane stuck in a tree, so I ended up buying the F-27 Stryker pictured below. I’ve got some learning to do with this one since I threw it and it dove nose-first on takeoff. It’s great that glue can fix it and we can try again soon. I mistakingly had the throttle on and ready when ready to throw, when the manual tells you to not turn plane on until after you have thrown it. I don’t read manuals, but I guess now’s a good time to start. I also went out and met the Mad River Flying Association (http://www.flyurbana.com) and will be joining the club soon. They have a nice grass flying strip about 20 minutes from my house and definitely know much more than I do about this hobby. They’ve already been help with some tips on this new plane. Is there anybody else that has been in this hobby?

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