Hours waiting for Xbox 360

I woke up yesterday morning at 5:30, showered and drove an hour to meet my friend, Neal Mayer at the Wal Mart Supercenter near his house. Our goal was to get to a Wal Mart together and be one of the first few people in line at midnight last night for the launch of the Xbox 360. To sum it up quickly – every Wal Mart or Meijer store that we knew of (and possibly every one in the nation) had lines that were full well before mdnight, but only a select few got the “premium system”. There were four premiums at that Wal-Mart and we were #2 and #3. I have a Wal Mart within 5 minutes of my house, but would have rather spent the day with someone I knew, lol. Anyways, the guys we hung out with (in chairs in the service center all day) made the day fun and a little faster. We received tickets at 10pm and could leave the store to return at midnight. Thanks to Wal Mart for providing snack and juice, lol – we couldn’t have made it through the day without them………we did eat at the Subway in the store for lunch, and had Taco Bell on our 10-12 pm break, lol. If we wouldn’t have gotten them this morning it’s rumored we might have had to wait until January / February for them to be restocked. What would we have done?

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