First day on the job

It felt good to go to work today, and to come home too. You know things are looking good when you feel just fine at the end of the day at work. I am working with two friends from a previous job and we get along great, and there are many great people I haven’t met there yet from what those two tell me. I did miss my family a bit after over two years of working at home every day, but this situation will be much better for them than where we are now. I thank God for providing for us every day, no matter where we are or what situation we are in. It’s much easier to let Him guide the way than either figure it out myself or listen to someone else try to tell me what they think. There’s only one who has an interest in my family more than I do and that is Him. Please pray that our house here in Bellefontaine sells in the next two months, and thanks for praying for us in the past. I need to go run and get a few pounds off from Memorial Day! Hope you had a great weekend!

  1. Glad you like your work. God is good, isn’t he? Will pray for you – I love the fact that I can do that for you, even though I’ve never met you or your family!

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