I haven’t used this product yet, but they are everywhere and searchable. It’s basically a coin-counting machine that skips all of the paper wrapping process and all the other annoying features of counting spare change. From what I understand, the machine counts 600 coins per minute and you are either charged 8.9 cents per dollar if you want cash or are not charged anything if you just want a gift card for their partner stores (iTunes, Borders,, etc). I knew most houses had cash just sitting around, but wasn’t aware that the average amount is $99. Let me know if you try one of the machines out before I do, lol. Visit for more information.

  1. We used one earlier this year. We’d had $141 cash, even after the coinstar fee in loose change. Part of our savings plan is that we empty our pocket change into a container every time we come home in order to build up that amount of cash. It only took 1 year of pocket change to amount to $141. Not bad!

  2. Pretty crazy to think that kind of change just sits around our houses, lol. Marla informed me that these Coinstar things have been around for a little while, although they have been upgraded I guesss. Maybe I should do more research and find out for sure that something is new, lol.

  3. Grandma and I did it at Meijers…because her two grandsons that usually counted it for FAIR MONEY….were grown….I believe she had like  $ 66.00  we used it to go on a fun outing or something….it was quite lighter than her “change”  zip lock that she use to carry with her for all of us to stop and get a pop.  We had a blast with her didn’t we…..and only Grandma….would give her change to the two boys she loved so much,  so much.   

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