Bush and Kerry debate

I realize that the war in Iraq is of utmost importance, but we have to realize that there isn’t a human being out there that could take the presidency over and make this thing go away quickly. There also isn’t an individual out there that, just because he takes office, means that all of these other countries will now be our friends? After watching last night, and being bored for 90 minutes, it makes me realize that having an individual with the right morals in the office is just as important as having one in there that has the best chance of securing our freedom against terrorists. George Bush is correct in not swaying from his stance on the war. It’s absurd that Kerry even tries to force him to admit he’s done wrong. As his opponent I realize he has to take that approach, but it is obviously only being done because of the political agenda that must be created. If Kerry even wants a shot at this election I would suggest that he does something that make Bush stop saying that he is still swaying in his views on the war. It doesn’t appear to me that going to an Ivy League is all that it is cracked up to be? You would think that being in such an elite group of scholars that one of these guys would pounce at any threat of an opposing view?

Pretty cool to think that this blog technology is being used by the president for this election – http://www.georgewbush.com/blog

  1. Kerry’s a freakin idiot!!!  I didn’t get to watch the debate last night, but I heard an ad the other day in which Kerry was talking about how when he is elected as President he will never lead our country into war.  Great!  When our country is under attack we can be thankful that Kerry is a Panzy!  I don’t see this as a strong selling point at all.  Why would you vote for anyone who’s views change as much as his have…even from week to week.  Do we really want a president that is going to lead us to instability?  I think not!

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