I haven’t posted in quite a while…….but I’ve been losing weight (that’s probably better for both of us). I have a before picture that I’ll share with you in a few months, lol. I woke up this morning really hoping I was at least at the 256.0 weight, but had to clear my eyes three times to make sure I was reading the scale right when I thought I saw 254. Our friends, Neal and Amanda Mayer, had us over 10 days ago and I started on it right away. Their testimony was really a blessing to me and to see how God really wants our bodies to be a temple – and before I thought that was cool and all, but that I could hold back from giving God that and just give Him things that weren’t as difficult to hand over.

Exercising and eating right is a habit I haven’t been accustomed to for 10 years now, but thanks to our great friends and a Christian founded company in , I can now let God start to be glorified through not only more of my appreance, but most importantly my health for my wife and kids. Just in case you’re already interested – you are able to shop through my own Advocare store online at . I’ve basically been following the following type of lifestyle with Advocare:
    – a Spark drink and 3 Catalysts as soon as I get up
    – go running
    – a Meal Replacement Shake for breakfast when I get back
    – a Thermoplus and maybe even a small protein snack between there and lunch
    – another Meal Replacement Shake for lunch
    – another Spark and 3 Catalysts before running again
    – go running
    – a high protein supper
    – maybe a protein snack or Muscle Gain before bed

Once I start my new job next Tuesday, I’m sure I’ll be down to running one time a day or something like that, but that system is what was recommended to me and is what has worked for me already. I’ll probably add some of their 02Gold product in pretty soon as well. None of their products have tasted bad at all to me…….and most I really look forward to. Some flavors aren’t my favorites, but isn’t that the case with everything?

You never know how long God will keep you here on earth, and all of this isn’t a means to force Him to keep me here longer. It’s only an avenue that works for me to give Him all that I am and be sure to live the best life I can while He’s blessed me with the time I do have here. I’ll explain more about the products in maybe my next blog. Just thought I’d let you all know I am breathing………and breathing much better I have to say!

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