Trip Lee

It was a privilege to capture my second “People of Faith” photo shoot/audio interview, this time with the talented rap artist Trip Lee. I’ve been a big fan of Trip’s for a few years now, and it just so happens that my brother Tug is traveling with Trip and the rest of the awesome Reach Records artists on the Rehab Tour this fall. This week they made a stop here in Columbus, OH – a night that I sure wasn’t going to miss. The church that is having Marla and I fly to Minnesota for a speaking engagement were even cool with letting me fly up a day after her so I could stay back for the show and to capture this installment.

Thanks Trip, for letting me hang with you. I praise God for what He’s doing through your life. I’m very thankful for the lessons of humility and faith that I continue to learn through the words God has given to Trip. For those visiting this “People of Faith” installment, please be sure to purchase Trip’s music (songs “The Invasion” and “Brag on My Lord” featured in the interview).

  1. janelle

    ” A CRAZY desire for the Word…” – ” to live for God instead of myself ” – ” what God has said about JESUS ” – the realness of His love for JESUS, His Lord…People that are LIVING OUT THEIR FAITH….you revealed another one Gabe, in Trip Lee ! He is more than about fame, he is real for and in HIM !

  2. Thanks Gabe love testimonys for Jesus this one here very cool.
    Thanks again,
    Your bro in Christ,

  3. I never heard anything from Trip Lee before the concert and I could sense he was a humble dude…each of the guys that led us in hiphop worship showed a great deal of humility in their talk between the music. Thanks for giving us another picture of Trip. Looking forward to seeing where the Lord leads him and future ministry oppotunities.

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