Stanley Tam

This is the first of a series of projects that I’ve wanted to attempt for a while. A project where I stand behind the camera and microphone and put the focus on the life of another person. I challenged my friends (online/offline) and family to recommend “People of Faith”, individuals who are living a life that they greatly admire. Today that person is 96 year-old Stanley Tam, founder of U.S. Plastic Corporation.

After putting lots of time and thought behind this, all I ask of you – regardless of your faith or lack there of, is to take a few minutes and listen to the audio interview while also enjoying the photos. Let me know your thoughts? Better yet, let Stanley know your thoughts by commenting below the photos. I’ll be sure to share this with him – I’m sure he’ll get a kick out of reading them. Be looking for the next interview in the coming weeks – thank you for stopping by!
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  1. Andy Huhn

    Thanks, Tam, for being faithful to God. Pray for more people of the next generation who will be sold out! This country is in desperate need of people who will spend time on their knees.

    This encourages me to spend the time seeking God…there is a reward, it’s not wasted…and that reward will be productivity for the kingdom, and a deeper experience of eternal life (eternal life is knowing the Father and the Son, according to John 17:3).

    How can we be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit if we don’t spend the time on our knees? How can we produce fruit for the kingdom if we try to do it in our own power? John 15–we can only be productive for the kingdom if we’re abiding in Him, and He’s abiding in us.

    Tam, thank you for living your life wholly devoted to Him. I would love to be in Heaven to see the reception you’ll get when you finally arrive! “Well done, good and faithful servant”. Gal 6:8b-9: …The one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life. And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.

    • Carol Kindy Schrock

      Dear Mr. Tam,

      I first heard about you when my nephew Mike Fennell began dating your granddaughter Sarah. I was given your book to read and was so blessed by the book and your commitment to God and your openness to hearing and obeying His voice. I’m sure that your faith was strengthened many times by seeing God provide your needs. I had the privilege of meeting you only once—-at the wedding of Mike and Sarah. I am so blessed to know you and your testimony—-an encouragement to all of us to commit more of ourselves and our finances to the Giver of everything. You are also an example of the importance of leading people to a faith in Jesus on a regular basis. Blessings to you!!

  2. Jerry & Sharon Miner

    Dear Stanley,

    What a wonderful opportunity to have heard your story again.

    You have been a great friend since I first came to Christ in 1968 and had the opportunity to give me first public testimony March 2,1968 at WTGN.

    You are the lone surviving member of a group of men that have left a lasting legacy in Lima, Ohio and around the world. I cherish the time that I got to spend at the CBMC retreats listening to the stories of you and your friends Art Arthur, Enos Sheppard, Lyle Snow, Jim Yazel, Jim Welty, Steve Whited and my father-in law Robert Bailey. As well, I cherish the wisdom you shared with me through our times as elders at Cable Road Alliance.

    When the Lord asked Sharon and I to leave our lives in Lima to work full time in his service to bring safe and living water to people in far away lands, you were one of the first people I told. I knew you would understand. I knew you would have words of encouragement. And you did.

    Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord. Thank you for your faithfulness to his Church. Thank you for your wisdom.

    Happy Birthday!

    In Christ,
    Jerry and Sharon Miner
    The Cross Connecting Network
    The ChurchWater Network

  3. Jessica (Miner) Carpenter

    Dear Mr. Tam,

    I grew up hearing stories of your faith from the pews of the Alliance Church. I also grew up knowing some of your sweet grandchildren and children. Thank you for continually serving Him and living your faith each day. Thank you for the reminder to just obey what the Lord tells us to do each step.

    I recently was working as the assistant to our a group of business owners at our church. I was there to help organize the food and the hospitality during the meeting at one of the homes on the Isle of Palms here in South Carolina. I overheard the guest speaker from Michigan began his story of introduction to Generous Giving after meeting a man named Stanley Tam.

    Thanks for the investment in our family through your investment in the Kingdom of God and my parents and Lima.

    With Grace,
    Jessica Carpenter (formerly Jessica Miner)

  4. Dear Mr. Tam,

    I’m not sure if you remember me. In 2007, you and I along with Brad Formsma and a few others, flew on a private jet to California thanks to Brad Formsma from Generous Giving. You were presenting to a few hundred christian business men. I will never forget our plane ride home. Thank you for your investment of time and discussion into my life. You asked me to give up the fight (the striving to do something for God and just obey God). It has taken me about 3 years to truly do that. But I can tell you that I have given up all my fighting / striving to do something good for God. I gave him my “fight” and I have totally surrendered to His Ways, His Plans for my life. I’m so excited for what He has in store and I’m seeing His favor in abundance!

    Since we have talked, God has grown our ministry to where we are serving about 2,000 students each year (1,300 on a weekly basis during school) with 9 school corporations. We have grown from about 50 volunteers to this year we will have about 300 volunteers. This weekend, I have the privelege of leading a Men’s retreat in Grabill Indiana. I tell many people how God has used you to impact His Kingdom, these men will be no different!

    Thank You for your gift and obedience to Him!

    Justin Maust

  5. janelle

    There are few people in your life that “take you to JESUS”….every time you meet with them. Stanley Tam is one of them. Think of every day of Stanley Tam’s life….how he is so in love with JESUS CHRIST…that Jesus has consumed his entire life…compelled his entire life…and in that, Stanley Tam compels me to live a deeper walk with the LORD. Thank YOU Stanley Tam….for living for and loving the Lord so sincerely ! Thanx Gabe….for sharing Stanley Tam’s testimony !!!

  6. Kristin Kincer

    Hey Gabe! Jessica Miner Carpenter linked me to your site. I just ate breakfast with Grandpa last week, and I am amazed at all he does at 96 years old. His story is incredible! Thanks for capturing his life in the pictures and interview to share with others. He has affected my life deeply in many ways. Two things that have impacted me most are his example of praying specifically and continually and his example of walking through life in obedience to God. Thanks again for sharing –your work is great!
    Kristin (Lytle) Kincer

  7. Yordanos Abera (jordi)

    Dear Mr Tam, First I want to say God bless you and be with you until you went to him in glory. I am really blessed by your story. You make your story God’s Story. So that I saw God and his work while I am reading your book that translate in my country language “In Amharic by Ezubedenke Alemayehu” I finished the book yesterday with joy & praying! I really pray for you! My name is Yordanos Abera 24 years old all my families are Christians.

    I truly saw Christ in my family and in my life! But I am really amazed when I read your story! God bless you and your smart wife.

    Your sister in Lord Yordanos

  8. Yordanos Abera (jordi)


  9. larry craig

    I read Stanley’s book and saw the movie years ago; today I was reading in devotions about a man who lived frugally and gave generously back in the 1800s and the story brought to mind Mr. Tam so I went to the computer and found this interview. What an amazing story — Praise the Lord! Thanks Gabe for producing this.

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