Faa Sumitra

I have had the privilege of meeting Faa (FeenFaa Sumitra Aseu is her full Thai name) here in the United States (first), then in Thailand and Cambodia, and then again just this week here in the United States. She is an amazing woman who God rescued from an abusive home in the Akha hill tribe in Thailand.

She lived in a children’s home, excelled in school (receiving a scholarship in China), went on to learn six languages, and is now rescuing and teaching children in the GROW home that she has started near Chiang Mai, Thailand with the help of Grace Church in Wooster, Ohio and many other ministry partners and supporters.

Enjoying hearing her share her story and viewing a few photos I took of her below! Connect with her on Facebook or through the GROW website if you would like! I will share the comments you leave on this post with her (see all People of Faith posts here). Please share her story using the social sharing buttons (left). Thanks for stopping by!

[audio:faasumitra.mp3|titles=People of Faith – Faa Sumitra]

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  1. We love you so much, Faa! God has blessed your faithfulness, and we love watching him work in and through you!!

  2. adasala

    Faa-bulous story. many will come from the east, west, north and south and seat at the feet of people like faa in the new heavens and new earth. we are practicing now…

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