Super 8 review

After the long week of launching Marla’s ebook, The Husband’s Guide to Getting Lucky, she took the kids up to hang out with her family yesterday. And me, I got to enjoy 27 holes of disc golf and supper at Buffalo Wild Wings with Kary Oberbrunner and friends, then head over to Easton to watch Super 8 on IMAX.

I had heard some decent review about the movie, and with it being produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by J.J. Abrams, I was guessing that it had to be a quality flick. I’m not sure why, but the older I get, the more Hollywood confuses the heck out of me. These writers and creatives spend loads of hours creating something that was nothing more than visually appealing (and only accomplishing that for a few scenes).

The stories these days are more and more about the paranormal, aliens, and stretching ideas to a point where it’s pointless for us to even want to understand it. I could list at least 5-10 recent shows or movies that rake in so much money and attention, when I guess it just doesn’t make sense to me.

Being a person of faith does impact how I perceive this stuff too. Why would someone that’s so talented want to be know for being able to make up stories that would never happen in the life of one person in the universe? It confuses me even more seeing Christians chasing after these losers in Hollywood. Wanting to make the stages and screens of churches or faith communities appear like they were created by the likes of Spielberg. I’m sick of the church blasting itself for not being relevant, when I don’t really think that should be our goal. God never suggests that we conform, I know that much.

For my creative church friends out there, I think movies like this show that we need to start speaking and living out our faith rather than spinning our tires trying to look as good as Hollywood does. Not going to bother giving this movie a thumbs up or star rating. It accomplished one thing for me, forcing me to be even more leery of spending $14 on the next free Friday evening I get!

The story God’s given us to share does have the power to change lives all by itself. Spielberg’s apparently don’t.

  1. Craig

    Keep in mind you saw it on IMAX so you were emphasizing the visual experience. Since this movie de-emphasizes the visual effects (hiding the creature until the very end and depending more on story and characters) it would be more disappointing on IMAX than, say, Transformers.

    I have a family of filmmakers (children and their spouses are all involved in one way or another) and have been involved in the production of at least three feature-length student/pro-am films and a number of shorts. I have a chromakey blue studio in my basement and a THX-certified home theater. So with all that in mind, I found the story and characters to be hilarious. I loved the child-like innocence of the kids pushing forward with their film despite the epic disaster happening around them and the contrast of their naiveté and the fact that they are the only ones who really know what is going on.

    Overall it was a fun little film that didn’t need foul language and nudity to be entertaining.

  2. janelle

    You are “on it” …I believe it is the difference of –
    presenting JESUS CHRIST or letting HIS PRESENCE….
    move in and of HIMSELF…..I was so sick of ministry that
    spent so much of the time, meetings, etc…to see
    ” how to present JESUS” instead of letting the HOLY SPIRIT
    lead freely the service….and guess what – HE does a whole better
    job of it than we do…..

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