Three hours of healing in the dentist’s office

Many of you have been praying for me since my heart attack on 10/29/11. Instead of writing something from scratch about what God did by healing me yesterday, I have just copied an email I sent to my FRIEND Scott below. Scott helps lead a healing prayer ministry with others (including Matt Moore) in the waiting area at Matt’s dentist office. Last week I guess over 25 showed up (including all of those in the ministry) and last night Marla and I were 2 of the maybe 15 that showed up. Our God is good, and may He only use this post to glorify Him! I praise Him for what He has done and continues to do through His people. Obviously, I would love to have you continue praying for me – in new ways. That I would be bold (like I am in posting this) and for what God has in store for me and my family in the future. Enjoy the unedited email below.

First off, I want to let you know just how much I admire your boldness and desire to focus so much on the Word of God. I am sure that the enemy has and is attacking your willingness to allow God to do works of healing and encouragement through you. I praise God for giving you the desire to help those in need, like myself.

Last night truly was an amazing point in my life. I was confident that God could heal me, even though my flesh was telling me that was impossible. I have been listening to my flesh much more than I have been listening to God’s words and the work of the cross.

I would like to sit down sometime with you and share about the past in a bit more detail, if you’d like. What I can tell you now is that I haven’t been in the word daily until a few months ago. Today marks the 75th day in a row that I have been in the word. I have even a stronger hunger for the word after spending last night with you all.

I am sure other people have shared with you what it felt like while God was healing them through you, but I know you’d love to hear one more.

I have been crying quite a bit in the past few months out of fear, but while you were praying over me the tears were flowing for different reasons. My eyes and my nose were running without any attempt on my part. I told Marla that there were a few minutes while you were praying that both of my hands (and forearms) became tighter than I ever remember them being. All of my fingers/thumbs felt like they were being stretched tightly. That feeling stayed without me forcing it to. And then it returned for another 30 seconds after that. While leaving the office, Marla told me that, while she was holding onto me during the prayer, that she could tell something was happening to my body as well.

We returned home and shared the news with my mother (who was in town and watching the girls). Yesterday morning I woke up and got in the van to drive Olivia to Dublin to babysit, and I was in tears because I did not feel I was safe to drive and I did not know how to talk to my daughter while driving across town. I care so deeply for them and it has hurt me so much to know they have watched me go through lots of this. So Marla called my mother, because she had a full day ahead of her and did not have time to deal with me / didn’t really know how to handle the situation. Up until yesterday, we were being pushed further and further apart by my situation. Thankfully God used Jen Rishell to mention that it might be time to go to healing prayer, so we told Rich that we were making sure we made it to the office. He texted me at 6:45pm and checked in to make sure that was the case!

Last night after we left, I was extremely tired (as I am guessing you were, LOL). The enemy attacked me intensely, with more lies and doubt. Marla took some medicine when she got home, for her foot (stepped on a bee), and she was out in a matter of minutes. I begged her to stay up with me while I was praying to God and trying to fight off the lies. All of this just after being healed was a bit much for me. She couldn’t do it, so I walked into our girls’ room and just sat on the floor for 30 minutes. I knew they were lies, and I knew God did not want me driving to the hospital or calling 911, saying that I am suicidal or out of control. Eventually I made it back to our bedroom and did overcome the lies by going to sleep. That was all God, a victory to me!

I have much more to say about what is coming up in our lives in the coming weeks, but I just wanted to share what God has done in me with you as a thank you and to give you even more confidence that He is doing great things. Thanks for taking the time to read this! I pray that your Friday is a great one, and I praise God for allowing yesterday to be what it was!

  1. ellen

    Gabe and Marla,
    Your openess and honesty is wonderful. It was such a blessing having you at prayer and knowing that Jen suggested you go. This will change not only your life but many lives at church – blessings –

  2. Tricia

    Thx for sharing! Amazing! It really jumped out to me that you are in the Word daily now. I’ve been inconsistent myself, but know it is so vital. As soon as I read your blog, about the next thing I saw on Facebook was Joyce Meyer saying,”You need the Word of God, and you need it daily.”. Ummm, I think God is telling me something! So I’m going to go read my Bible now! Praise God for your healing and thx for sharing the story. It was obviously used to get a message to me, as well! I’m sure it will reach and touch countless others with the Good News of Jesus Christ!

  3. Andy Huhn


    I think God’s going to lead you through this dark time and you’re going to be a trophy of His grace (Eph 2:7). I imagine that Joseph must have felt similar while he was waiting in prison for a crime he didn’t commit (for several years, until he became #2 in the nation). Jeremiah surely felt the same way. He even accused God of deceiving him! (Jeremiah 20:7). Later in that chapter (vv. 14ff), he seems to wish he had never been born.

    Praying for you, friend. Press on. Our citizenship is not of this world.

  4. Nathan

    Thank You, Gabe. JESUS is GOOOD!!!

    Gabe, I’m praying for YOU. 🙂

  5. Jeremy

    brother.. you have so many people praying for you and that care for you guys. Thank you for your faithfulness of being so open and honest. God is using that in all of our lives!

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