Our flowers taught me a lesson this morning

Marla called while driving out of our neighborhood, seeing that everyone else down the street had their trash out for the truck to pick up this morning. So I ran it out, and wasn’t really prepared to have a meeting with God in the flower bed in front of the house. Obviously, when God wants to show you something He will find away to make sure you see it.

Life’s been really complex this year (if you’re not aware of why, just skip back through a few posts). God’s done a nice job of allowing me to start appreciating some of the simpler things in life. He’s shown me that I need to start looking for Him wherever I am, doing whatever I do. He doesn’t really care if I am a talented web designer, if that’s the only place that I think I can give Him glory or possibly share about Him. I think He longs for a deeper relationship with each one of us so much, that sometimes we expect to find Him in only the places that He’s shown up before.

People that know me probably don’t view me as the gardening type, LOL. For some reason, I enjoy spending a good hour or two weeding, landscaping, etc. While I was walking back up the driveway this morning I noticed the right half of our flowers were blooming, when just last week the left half was. It seemed kind of crazy that one row of plants could switch that quickly, mostly due to the lack of rain the past week I am guessing.

The closer I looked at the left half (that had already bloomed) I saw dead flowers just dangling and ready to fall off. I touched one (and then pulled 100 others) and they would just fall off without much effort. After looking in the mulch below the plants, I saw lots more that had already fallen. With each one that I pulled off (or in the place of those that had fallen) was a new, bright, green bud just waiting to bloom again. I’m not sure why, but I guess I’ve always just thought that a flower blooms once and then is done for the year?

After a good hour of “pruning”, the flower bed appeared much more lively. The brown, dead stems and flowers being cleared out made the green and yellow colors much easier to see. Sin in my life, and yours, has been paid for. While looking at the dead flowers this morning, I realized that we all have been given the opportunity of a second chance.

Whether we want to admit it or not, we fail and on most days we forget that we were made to simply point people to and glorify our Creator. Thankfully God (like a good gardener) is interested in each of us, and in every new day that we live. He’s powerful enough to make a new flower bud up through the same stem where one just died.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day for you? Maybe God will show Himself to you for the first time? Maybe in the place of your addictions or your failures, you’ll find that you can be free from them and life is even better! Maybe, like me, He’s been a part of your life and has brought you through some tough times, but He’s just not finished with you yet.

I write this to remind you and I just how good our God is, but most of all, to thank Him for always encouraging us in the moments we least expect Him to. He’ll continue to search for us, and to beWhen you’re taking the trash out tomorrow morning, maybe He’ll be there waiting for you?

  1. Nathan

    Gabe, NOT “maybe”! GOD WILL be there waiting for YOU. Jesus LOVES YOU. 🙂

  2. Gabe,
    I was walking yesterday and was sad that the flowers on the trees had all died and blown away. I remember last year about this time the flowers were still there and the smell was amazing, I was wishing that this year would be the same and wondered why it hasn’t been, then I too noticed that there was a little bud on the trees where the flowers used to be, I am hoping this bud is the next set of flowers. Like you I assumed that plants flower once and that’s the end of that, but realized this isn’t necessarily true. God gave me a very similar insight into the multiple blooms that is much like yours. So reading your blog post was an affirmation of God speaking to me just yesterday! How awesome is that!

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