Medicine and Tiger Woods

I’ve decided to attempt to utilize my blog as a journal…..what a blog should be, DUH! I’m a web designer and a photographer by trade, but that doesn’t define who I am. My life does.

You don’t have to care about what I write, but I’ll be putting my heart, mind and soul out hers…..mainly to give my God more of the admiration He deserves and to record what I’ve been up to with family and friends. After having the heart attack back on 10/29/11, I want to make sure that I take time to think about every day. Thanking God for specific things, and also letting others that come after me have a peek into how I handled this life He gave me.

A few months ago I made the decision to leave full-time employment with a radio station. A job that provided great health insurance and God knew I needed that. WOW. I was self-employed and without insurance for a few years (and while going to 52 Zoos in 52 Weeks with our family), and nothing happened that required insurance during those year. Thanks God! After leaving the radio station and returning back to being a self-employed web designers, it’s probably obvious that a heart attack survivor had better have health insurance. Seeing a monthly prescription bill of hundreds of dollars makes that clear.

We just returned from vacation (which thankfully my wife’s parents provided for their children/grandchildren) to not much food in the house or money in the bank account. Today we got to the point where I was down to 1 pill in three of my seven medications, and a month ago we paid a good amount of money to extend the radio station’s health insurance (using COBRA). For some reason that wasn’t pushed through to our health insurance company or the pharmacy’s records. I was looking at having to pay full price for the meds, because I have to wait until Monday for our account to appear correctly in the system.

I just prayed while sitting at the pharmacy, and they agreed to let me get three of each of the pills that needed filled today to cover me through the weekend for $17. On Monday I get to go back (with an active health insurance account) and get hundreds of dollars of medications for FREE, as it should be. Thanks to meeting our $5,000 deductible already in June for the year of 2012. Living a life where you are moving toward being debt free without using credit cards doesn’t matters any simpler, but that’s how we’re rolling.

My brother and his concert promotion company had Bubba Watson (golfer – 2012 Master’s Champion) in for a benefit concert this past weekend, and some of my favorite artists are also ones that he digs. Was great meeting him, some of his PGA golfing buddies and playing hoops with some of the artists (TobyMac, Jeremy Camp, etc). I did have to bail on the game since my heart wasn’t feeling the greatest (first game of hoops since I played and had the actual attack, LOL). Bubba Watson was nice enough to get my brother (and myself) some passes to this week’s PGA tournament here in Dublin, OH……so I took my friend Jeremy and his boy who happens to be a big Tiger Woods fan (he ended up getting a tee from Tiger!). Too bad that Bubba missed the cut, but it was great getting to know him a bit and his caddy, trainer, and friends/family. You can’t blame the guy for taking a few weeks off with his wife and new child, or giving time and money to build a medical clinic in Kenya through his charity event that we were a part of!?!

We had a great evening yesterday with our friends Wes Molebash (comic artist extraordinaire) and his awesome other half, Kari. Including pizza, great discussions, a drawing competition between Wes and our oldest daughter Olivia, and playing the game of Things. Our girls have been selling kits of Cambodia products we purchased while over there, to people on Marla’s blog the past few days. Marla has started to tutor a 14 year-old Somalian boy this week. I’m sure proud of her for reaching out to a different nationality (she loves missions work and the world, so it’s right up her ally).

Thanks God, for providing 9 pills and enough cash to pay for them, free golf tickets that I could share with friends, children that are learning that the world isn’t just about them, and being able to get to the end of the day and know more about you and rely on you for new mercy and breaths tomorrow morning! Oh, and thanks for providing enough work for me to bring in enough money for next month’s medications!

Tomorrow’s journal will be shorter…..this long stuff is for the birds!

  1. Holly B.

    Thanks for sharing the amazing things God is doing in your life! Thanking Him with you, and asking Him to provide for each need.

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