A person of the second chance

Shut down the Mac, was ready for bed just ten minutes ago. My mind and my soul weren’t ready for bed, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this! Most evenings and mornings I’ll at some point just lie on my bed and feel my heart beating. The heart that almost stopped beating back on 10/29/11. The same heart that got hit by a car back in 1985. The heart that some believed should be put up for abortion back in 1976.

What do I feel? I feel something that I don’t deserve. A chance to live another day. A day that some people do deserve, but don’t get the chance to see. People that, in some way, probably deserve to see another day more than I do. Some I know personally, who are certain that their clock isn’t going to tick forever. Some who are fighting a disease they know limits the days of second chances that they will get. And that’s when you are reminded that every moment is a gift from God. If God is just now searching for you, I’m glad that this second chance might be just the reason He let me live in order to do something as simple as writing a blog. You’d want to think there’s SO much more to life than that. I don’t think so. I think that’s a second chance that’s worth more than money can buy. You can’t outrun a God that loves you that much.

That God is my Creator. Your Creator. A Creator that makes something so complicated. A human body more complicated than any computer or object the world has ever, and will ever know. A human body that even chooses not to give its own Creator a second thought. Wait a minute……there IS a God that was willing to give us the breathe some use to reject He even exists? Crazy, huh!?! He sure took a chance He didn’t have to.

You and I will wake up tomorrow, to a day full of second chances. Second chances living in the same world whose Creator gave His Son to for 33 years. Years spent living in a broken world, knowing He wouldn’t have a second chance. At least, that’s what His death looked like at the moment to those that nailed Him to my cross. Little did they know that death itself doesn’t have a second chance when the blood of Christ is life itself. That’s what will get me up out of my bed tomorrow morning. For what? Some things that will feel so worth the blood of Christ, and some that won’t.

We always think we deserve more than we get. Third chances are what we want when the second chance passes by. The truth is, life itself is a second chance. No matter what you gain or who you think you are, you don’t deserve it. You can try to understand why the God who created you would love you that much, but you’ll never “really comprehend” it. What kind of God would let you comprehend everything?

Thankfully, there are many others in the world waking up to a morning full of second chances. In fact, there’s an entire community of them online that I think I’ll hang out with more often. I like hanging out with people who don’t think they’ve arrived yet. Maybe because they realize they don’t have one foot in heaven yet. Thanks God, for not letting me just go to sleep tonight.

“Every Saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.” – Warren Buffett

  1. Thank you for a good word, Gabe! I am so blessed to walk through this life with amazing people like you and the good folks at POTSC. The only thing worse than going through a painful experience is feeling like you are walking it alone.

    God blessed you and yours, my friend!
    Choosing joy,

  2. Nathan

    The God of second chances. My personal life story, Gabe Taviano. A NEW BOOK Gabe? For You to be the Author of. 😉 Jesus is GOOD!

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