Three separate deposits

This should be fun! I’m sure you’re curious why I’ve posted an image of not one, but three bank / cash containers.

Sometimes I need to get out of the house since I work from home, and I usually run a few errands for Marla while I am out. I guess I could go on a walk, and maybe I should after the last few trips out into the jungle alone.

The first annoyance of today’s adventure was when I pulled into the gas station to fill up for our zoo trip to NC tomorrow and realized I forgot my wallet (and I was on E). I then headed to the bank, knowing that something was bound to come up and make the trip even more fun. You ever pull around to the bank drive-thru and see two cars using the two available lanes and not know which one to go with? How about making your choice, them ending up taking longer than the other, and as soon as the other leaves, someone had just pulled up behind them, forcing you to stay put! Yay for the odds!

I thought that would have to be enough, but I started to wonder why the guy I chose to park behind sent the container back through for a second time. And then it happened. He grabbed the container, must have been sitting there writing on a deposit slip or something for a bit, then sent it back through a third time. I didn’t honk the horn or yell at the guy, but I have to admit, I was a bit frustrated……okay – furious. Wrong on my part – yes.

I came home and ended up having the “would you feel selfish at all if you made three transaction in a drive-thru” discussion with Marla. Little did I know that it’s a common bank practice to allow up to three transactions at the drive-thru. For some reason, I guess I just thought it might be quicker to just go into the bank and not make everyone else wait on you like you’re Captain MePlanet. Stupid things anger me that I need to get over. There are many, many larger issues in life that I should be concerned with. And yes, I was being selfish by wanting the guy to do his deposit duty and move on. Curious what might happen on my next adventure into “the wild”.

  1. Yeah… It’s the stupid little stuff that gets me too. People not turning on a green arrow, not hold the door when people are going into a store behind you. It’s the insignificant stuff that really gets you cooking.

    There are WAY bigger fish to fry in this world.

  2. Thanks for your honesty!  I can definitely relate!  Sometimes it seems like it’s the “smaller” things that are the most irritating!  Love you!:)

  3. I can so relate to this post.  Nothing gets me more irritated than sitting behind someone at the bank drive thru that takes a long time to do their banking.  Didn’t know about the 3 transaction thing either.  I say go inside.  I know, I need to work on my attitude as well…

  4. no, i don’t really care what banking “rules” are. no one should actually do three transactions at the drive thru. my goodness. have fun in NC

  5. Oh Gabe, I can so relate!  Our bank now has the new ATM that accepts cash and checks without an envelope…only problem is, if a check isn’t written with dark enoough ink it keeps spitting it back out so you still have to go through the drive thru.  Shouldn’t bother me, I know, but sometimes my old self gets the best of me!  😉

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