The lady who cuts the check

churchlady1As a self-employed web designer who works primarily with churches and ministries, I usually get a weekly dose of “the lady who cuts the check.” Through my Twitter posts this week I’ve found comfort that I’m not the only one. I tried to give you a decent picture of what this lady might look like by going way back and grabbing a memory of Dana Carvey as The Church Lady on SNL. She might look like that, she might not. I think I’ve only had the pleasure of meeting one or two in person myself.

We’re at her ransom. We’ve either sent over an initial invoice or completed the project, and we are now on her clock. The wait for a check to arrive entirely depends on her availability. I’ve started wondering if she’s also an astronaut. Sometimes it seems like she doesn’t show up for a month.

If you’re in a position to do something about this, I’m sure I can speak for all freelance designers and offer a suggestion of taking care of the issue. I’m sure there’s someone else that doesn’t mind signing their John Hancock around the office? It wouldn’t bother me as much if it weren’t pandemic and stretching across states and denominations. Any of you have memories of waiting on the lady?

PRAYING for Pete Wilson, Anne Jackson, and the other Compassion bloggers in India today. PRAISING God for giving my wife the words to write as she is completing a book proposal for our 52 Zoos in 52 Weeks project.

  1. Praying for you man.. I know what you are going through, and kind of missing the environment, but definitely remembering my brothers in the trenches.

    I was just thinking the other day we gotta get together, because I have been praying for you guys for a while now.. lot has happened on our end, but we did get moved in!

    Take care man

  2. Dental Queen

    We dealt with this even at the dentist office. We had one pastor in town get a TON of dental work done and send us to the “lady who cuts the check” for payment. I made our receptionist be relentless with “lady”. Anyways – she told us once, “Well if you want this paid, we will have to take up a special offering on Sunday”. I told her to do whatever she had to do. 🙂 and 🙁

  3. Church admins… male or female are notoriously slow… maybe its because so many churches think they can’t fire people… so people don’t put their all into their job

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