Pants on the ground

Last night, like many people, we were laughing extremely hard after watching the end of American Idol. This show always seems to make a celebrity out of a few people that truly deserve to be heard from. And, of course, a few that you would probably be better off having never heard of. General Larry Platt (in the video below) didn’t have a shot at winning the competition, since he 34 years over the age limit of 28. But I think you’ll like watching the video, and reading the story this man has lived over on Yahoo today. Thanks for the laughs Larry! You really are a true American Idol.


  1. Craig Rairdin

    A little too obvious of an attempt to create exactly the kind of internet response that it created. Kinda ruins it for me. Also the fact that they said “yes” to the Vonroe TN girl who sang a song with a two-note melody, and “no” to the brooding guy with black hair and glasses who had a pretty good voice and would’ve been fun to watch in Hollywood.

  2. Alan Smith

    Gabe that has put a smile on my whole family’s faces. And what a superb background story to go with it!!

    Definitely a true legend!!

  3. definitely a bright spot in kind of a sad show. One of the lowest point in American Idol history.

    But… Gotta love Veterans.. Thanks Larry. “with your hat turned sideways”

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