How TRU that is!

Got a phone call today from my buddy (or so he thinks) Troy from the one and only TruGreen lawn care. Not sure if he noticed the snow storm that just blew in yesterday or not, but I can’t even see my lawn. Apparently Troy took some notes while at my door last fall, when I could see my lawn, and kept them after I turned his business away at our door. To give you some insight into the following conversation we had today on the phone, Troy stopped by while we were on the way out of the door to our two older daughters’ soccer game. They came to the door with me to see who it was that was so interested in meeting us. Troy gave me a ring today on the phone and so it began…..

TROY: Hey Keith!
ME: Gabe. You mean Gabe?
TROY: Oh yeah. Hey Gabe. This is Troy from TruGreen. I stopped by your house last fall.
ME: Right.
TROY: Well, I just wanted to check back in with you and see if I could help you with the weeds?
ME: The weeds?
TROY: Right.
ME: Umm. I don’t have any weeds.
TROY: Oh. Well, I remember I stopped by and you were on the way out the door to your boys’ soccer game.
ME: You mean girls? I don’t have any boys. I have three GIRLS.
TROY: Oh yeah. Well, I guess I just have all of my notes mixed up today, don’t I?
ME: Yeah, sure appears that way!
TROY: Well, I’ll let you go. Have a nice day!
ME: You too!
TROY: Hangs up….
GABE: Wishing he had Troy’s number so he could call him back and….

  1. Ask Gary, I mean Troy, how business was going at  Mower Brothers.
  2. See if he wanted to come over and help me cut my snow.
  3. Ask him if he’s doing any traveling over Christmas break next week.
  4. Invite him to join me at the boys’ soccer tournament next weekend.
  5. Try to sell him one of my husband’s new Expecting books.

Decided to drop it instead, fall out of my chair in laughter, and do him a favor and publicly humiliate him on my blog. If you want some lawn service, do me a favor and make sure they take better notes next time. You might end up with purple grass or have some freak show show up at your kids’ soccer game.

  1. Okay, I just laughed out loud for reals. Wait. You heard me. You’re sitting right there. Nice post.

  2. sooo, maybe he wanted to help you with your “weed” and not “weeds”…sounds like he helps too many people with their weeds…

  3. That is so funny!!  He must be desperate for business this fine WINTER day.  I bet your new buddy calls you again in spring!

  4. @luvmynoah – I bet his new buddy just magically shows up and starts applying something to his lawn (leaving him the bill, of course) come spring! 

    Hi!  Came over from Marla’s…I think this guy’s brother works by us.  My husband just had the same conversation on the phone, and despite declining in writing and on the phone, we just got a schedule for tx and the cost for this spring.  These guys ARE weeds!

  5. too funny….. thanks for sharing some laughs this FREEZING winter day! Would love to have heard his answers to your hilarious questions!

  6. Even if you could see your lawn and you had weeds, TruGreen couldn’t help you.  My hubby thought it would be a good idea to have our lawn treated for weeds so we have had TruGreen coming out every other month for a couple of years…The greenest thing in our lawn is the weeds!  I finally got my hubby to agree to cancel the service and go back to the old fashioned weed and feed method.

  7. Steve

    Keith, I mean Gabe, I wonder if he reads your blog …… =-

  8. Gabe,
    Hilarious – I had one, and only one experience w/ TruGreen – it resulted in my getting all frustrated, they lied, mis quoted, used trick marketing, and I vowed to never use them again. Plus, the treatment was pathetic, and didn't work.

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