5 people that make me laugh

We all need to laugh, especially in difficult times. It’s said that laughter adds 8 years to life, so why not try it out? I wonder if you have to laugh extremely hard to add all of those years, or if a chuckle will do? I guess we’ll find out. One way to play it safe is to find better comedians, and stop watching those who just make you chuckle. Check these people out, and you’ll be sure to LOL!

brianregan jobysaad rhettlink1 timhawkins jeffallen

I always need to laugh more. Do you have a comedian who you think is worth checking out?

PRAYING over a decision on whether or not to split office space with a friend (get out of house – make more progress). PRAISING God for making some funny people who bring smiles to our lives!

  1. Hi Gabe,
    I do have a recommendation for you, Mike Mcclain. We happen to go to church together. This line on his home page tells you a bit about him-Clean Laundry, Clean Dishes, Clean Comedy 🙂 Awesome stay at home dad, wonderful Christian comedian.

    Find him at http://www.mikemcclaincomedy.com/

    Have a blessed day!

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