Giveaway – Free first year of WordPress hosting #2

Yes, it’s that simple. If you are the random winner, you will receive your first year of WordPress blog hosting ($60 value). There are free blogs out there, but why not purchase your own domain name for a few bucks (like I have here with and take blogging a little more seriously? One year from when the hosting is setup you will be contacted directly and asked whether you’d like to continue for $60 per year or not. I’ve enjoyed blogging myself for a few years now, and look forward to helping you get started (or maybe start a second blog).

DETAILS: I will have the power to remove your hosting account if there is questionable content (adult material, etc.). There will be no limit to your hosting space or a limit to the traffic (bandwidth) allowed. And, of course, I am available to assist you with design / customization if you’d like to hire me! You will be required to purchase the domain name itself, and I strongly suggest using the company 1&1 for that (very cheap at $6.99 – and reliable). I will help you connect the name to your new blog. To be entered in the giveaway drawing, all I ask of you is to complete both of the two tasks below. I will continue to give away one year of blog hosting every month, so it might not be a bad idea to subscribe to the blog for updates! The random winner of this first contest will be announced on Monday (12/7/09) at 9pm EST via a status update on both my Twitter and Facebook pages.


  1. Answer this by leaving a comment on my blog: Do you enjoy reading blogs more than newspapers / magazines?
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  1. Malcolm Lanham

    I generally like blogs better, because I can read what I want in an RSS reader like Google Reader… magazines have a ton of useless fillers in them that I don’t like.

  2. I love to read blogs more because if I have a comment I can post it immediately and not have to wait to get a response from the editor or whomever.

  3. I like to read blogs for I can organize them with NetNewsWire app and read anytime I desire. Plus comments are fun to read.

  4. yes i like to read blogs better than newspapers/magazines. although I love to read magazines, I only get a new magazine every couple weeks. Blogs are daily.

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  6. I prefer reading blogs/magazines online because I can get to what I prefer reading quicker than flipping through a magazine to find it. Blogs are more personal and you can get a better feeling for the author’s heart.

  7. I prefer blogs because of the ease of access. When tablet style e-readers become available and magazines start publishing interactive content on them, that might change though.

    Of course, blogs have the advantage of being free!

  8. Karen D

    I prefer blogs these days though I still check out a couple of mags online from time to time.

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  10. Kevin Selders

    Typically, magazines and newspapers, but I’m increasingly following more blogs.

  11. I prefer web reading. The printed mags and newspapers sometimes to have a lot of text in a very few space, they put theletter size like 8px. And i can’t read that.

  12. Olivia Merifield

    I enjoy both! It’s nice to have a good mix of the old and new ways of doing things.

  13. I do enjoy reading blogs more because they are usually updated more frequently.

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