Giveaway – Free first year of WordPress hosting #1

Yes, it’s that simple. If you are the random winner, you will receive your first year of WordPress blog hosting ($60 value). There are free blogs out there, but only this kind of blog allows you to blog at your own chosen domain name ( for example). A year from when the hosting is setup you will be contacted directly and asked whether you’d like to continue for $60 per year or not. My desire in starting these giveaways is not to make money. I’ve enjoyed blogging myself for a few years now, and look forward to helping you get started (or start a second blog).

DETAILS: I will have the power to remove your hosting account if there is questionable content (adult material, etc.). There will be no limit to your hosting space or a limit to the traffic (bandwidth) allowed. And, of course, I am available to assist you with design / customization if you’d like to hire me! You will be required to purchase the domain name itself, and I strongly suggest using the company 1&1 for that (very cheap at $9 and reliable). I will help you connect the name to your new blog. To be entered in the giveaway drawing, all I ask of you is to complete both of the two tasks below. I look forward to giving away one year of blog hosting every month (I would subscribe to the blog for updates if I were you). The random winner of this first contest will be announced at 9pm EST on 9/23/09 via a status update on both my Twitter and Facebook pages.


  1. Answer this question via a comment on this blog – What kind of a free training session would interest you most: Photoshop / Podcasting / Web Design?
  2. Add me as a friend on Facebook and post a link to on your wall – OR – Follow me on Twitter and tweet “RT @GodsMac is giving away a free first year of WordPress blog hosting at #WP0909”

  1. Well those 3 are all great to learn, but definitely would love a free web design session! (but photoshop is right there with it)

  2. I would most be interested in a lesson in podcasting. I’ve always thought about a career in radio but let’s face it, that’s as hard of a field to get into as being a professional athlete these days. I’m not young enough that I could forgo all my responsibilities to my family and be forced to work 2-4am on an AM radio station. No thanks. Instead, podcasting would allow me to do host my own show, at my own leasure. Plus, lets face it, this is new media anyhow. As much as I love talk radio and newspapers, those days are rapidly going the way of the buffalo!

  3. I’d really like Wed Design. I’m decent at Photoshop and know a bit a bout podcasting, but almost nothing about wed design!

  4. I would be interested in podcasting. Web Design a close second.

  5. Definately photoshop – Elements would be my choice since this is the common one used.

  6. I agree, all of them are good to learn, but it really depends on the person’s goals and business. Right now, I think the best thing to learn is advanced web design; but more importantly, the marketing aspect of it.

  7. janelle

    Web Design – heading to the postoffice, if I win…draw again, smile….

  8. Kevin Selders

    I would like to learnmore about Web design, including for blogs.

  9. I actually could use all three sessions, but I think I would rank order them w/web design, photoshop, podcasting.

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