What’s all this tweeting about?

twitterbirdI’m certain that everyone who reads this doesn’t have an account on Twitter yet. To be short, it’s basically your Facebook status on steroids. You sign up on the site (for free) just like you did for Facebook. You get your own personal page (like mine here), and are then asked “What are you doing?”. You then continue to update your status as often as you like (the Home button at top of page). You’ll also see your Profile button, which takes you to a list of your status archives. This is the page people see when they come and find your site. You can proceed to “follow people”, and they will show up on your Home page.

A few reasons the Twitter community makes life more interesting:

  • The opinionated type’s emotions show. Many people = many personalities = many opinions of how to “tweet”.
  • There is one reason you SHOULD follow everyone that is not unbearable. So that you can both have the freedom to quickly message each other (easier than email).
  • Some people want many to hear from them, but only follow maybe 1/4 of those people. I call this the social ratio. They come on Twitter to be social, but don’t want others to intrude into their special private village. A special post coming soon for those “Captain Me Planet” types.
  • It takes discipline to not hang out on Twitter for hours. I am disciplined at times, but not at others.
  • You hear about news long before the media even gets to it. Six degrees of separation comes to life quickly.
  • If you have a thought you would rather not spend an entire blog on, go tweet the thought and you’re likely to communicate it just as well.
  • You’re guaranteed to meet a new friend. It’s impossible not to. How can new friends be a bad thing?

If you’re still curious about Twitter, this video from commoncraft is about as good at explaining it as it gets. Be sure to follow me, I’d love to help you get accustomed to the community. I am more of a social person now than I was before Facebook, and now Twitter. They’ve actually helped shape my “real life” a bit and made me more intentional in what I do. Long live the Twitter bird.

  1. Gabe I read every thing I can on twitter. I am amazed how such a simple concept has changed my cyber life. You are right about getting the news way before the main stream media does. And making friends. Wow. I think it is the simplicity of twitter that often confounds the wise! Twitter has become my home page. Here is my blog post on twitter:http://tinyurl.com/cfy5ro

    • And who wouldn't want to hear more from a great friend like Martha! Thanks for tweeting and all of the other ways you've connected with us. You've been a blessing, and it will be great to keep hearing from you. Nice blog post as well!

  2. Gabe, I don't follow everybody that follows me- a lot of my 'followers' are trying to promote something- a website, a business, and if I'm not interested, I shouldn't be expected to follow them. I find that when I try to follow everyone, even if I'm not interested, I miss the tweets from those I really do care about.

    I wish there was some way to follow people, but not have to see all their tweets on the same page with the people whose tweets I really WANT to read…like having a 'favorite tweets' page or something. Then when I have extra time, I could read everyone's tweets, but only read my favorites if I'm in a rush. 🙂

    • Might want to download TweetDeck (free software). You can separate favorite people with it, and make sure you see all of their tweets.

      • Oh, great- thanks for letting me know- i was wondering if there was something like that out there!!! Thanks for the help!

  3. "How can new friends be a bad thing?"…. said the axe murderer to the sheep! 🙂

    I am so resisting tweeting… I guess I need to check it out more though!

  4. You're sounding like one of those PC users that always say they will never go Mac. But it's just a matter of days before the "transition" actually takes place. See you on Twitter in a few days, you're doomed…….sorry, LOL!

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