Volunteer opportunity

A friend of ours sent a Facebook message out to a group of individuals in Ohio yesterday, wondering if anyone would happen to live close to Gahanna, OH (northeast Columbus suburb a few miles from us) and would be interested in being a merchandise volunteer table for a ministry last night. I had never been to the Seekers coffee house (faith-based coffee shop chain) before, but it was a nice atmosphere for the “intimate evening” with Ginny Owens and Farewell June. The venue seats were pretty full and the merch tables were outside……I did manage to peek in for two songs at the end, lol. Had to snap a photo or two (click if you’d like to view it larger).

I haven’t been a big volunteer before, but this year God’s been showing me that I need to be a little more selfless and focused on opportunities – no matter the size. I was interested in volunteering last night because it was an opportunity for individuals to give up two cups of coffee per month and give that $7 towards helping those fighting hunger in Sudan. Mocha Club is the ministry I was assisting and they did an excellent job at preparing me with the materials that were shipped with the artists at the concert. There were maybe 100 people that attended both concert times and there were 8 that felt led to support the ministry. I found it ironic that the event was at a coffee house and I was in charge of assisting people to give up two of those drinks per month. I thanked God on the way home for working in those people’s hearts. You can click on the club’s logo and sign up online if you feel led to do the same.

  1. That is neat !  and  you, do you drink coffee ? smile ?  neat all the ways that GOD is using to get HIS message to the lost.

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