Sunday Selebrity #3 – J.R. Mahon

First off, you have my apology for missing last Sunday’s Selebrity post! No excuses. Now let’s get up to speed and talk about J.R. Mahon aka “Hollywood Pastor”.

hollywoodpastorJ.R. is one of a kind. You won’t find another pastor like him. Definitely check out his new blog at! I had the privilege of interviewing J.R. a few years ago on the fourth episode of our podcast on You might be familiar with XXXChurch, which was a ministry that he had great impact with. He wrote the Porn Manual and got out of the pew and realized that those in the adult film industry need Jesus just as much as you and I do. He and the ministry, while accountable to others and being sent by God, have taken that need seriously. And they’ve actually done something about it (with the help of the Lord).

selebritysundayHe is also the co-author of the book Starving Jesus. The book was part of a nation-wide tour that he was a part of. The message was focused on challenging churches to get out of the pews and take the command God has given us seriously. Too often we sit back, watch others serve us, and starve Jesus as a result. I’m very thankful for individuals like J.R., who hold their faith as priority number one and don’t just “do ministry”. Have fun getting to know him a bit, and pray for him as he and his family will soon move from here in Ohio to the west coast!

PRAYING for the Lord’s guidance and provision as J.R. and his family go through this transition. PRAISING God for using XXXChurch to reach the adult film industry through Craig, J.R. and others.

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