Help a sister out!

We had the privilege of hanging out with Jack and Kaye MacKay while passing through Texas on the 52 Zoos in 52 Weeks tour. God’s amazed us with who (and how) He has let us meet while on the tour. Before we stopped by we knew of the amazing custom engraved tiles that Kaye has been creating for close to five years. They’re a hot topic in the blog world, and have even recently been added to the catalogs of LifeWay bookstores. We had the privilege of touring her shop and seeing where she puts all of her talents to use. What’s most impressive to me is that she customizes many of them as personal gifts, and her personality is unique for that kind of a working relationship. She’s extremely approachable and offers a great product, so it’s no wonder she’s staying so busy!

So why am I asking you to help her out? She’s going to continue to blog over here, but her and Jack approached me about giving her Engraved Euniques website an upgrade. While we’re designing the new site (will be live very soon), she’s offering a giveaway to those that make suggestions or comments to this post on the current design and how it can be improved. I really feel like letting you see the new design, but I’ll be sure to post about it when it goes live. In the meantime, her site is still functional and I definitely urge you to comment or even purchase a gift from Kaye today!

PRAYING that God will get much use out of the new Engraved Euniques website. PRAISING God for connecting us with the MacKays. They are a God-send!

  1. Great work and the MacKays are in good hands. As for improvements – I think you can get better images of your products. A professional photographer can do wonders in the way your products are presented to the world. You seem to have a great lineup – let that detail come through online with great pics.

    One other thought is to present categories only on the home page instead of a collection of products. That will clean things up and allow people to find what they are looking for more quickly.

    Finally, the way the information is laid out for a product can be cleaner – moving the price and buy now button underneath the product image will give focus to the product and will clean up the layout.

    I’m excited about the new design – Gabe will do a great job I’m sure. I’m looking forward to seeing what he has done.

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