Great fun with Rhett and Link

rhettlinkLast night Rhett and Link (internetainers – see their site here and watch live on the web every Thursday at 9pm EST) were in Ohio for a live concert, so I drove two hours to enjoy the show! They drew a crowd of around 60 and really put on a good show. Thanks to Steve and Brian for hosting these guys and all of us! They won one of R&L’s contests and the prize was a free concert at your home base. R&L were pretty glad the winners didn’t live too far across the globe from North Carolina. You can see a few more photos I shot of the evening over here. If you want to check it out, you can listen to an interview I did with the guys back in April of 2008 on the God’s Mac Podcast here.

rhettlinkgabeIt really is pretty amazing that these guys were headed into a career in engineering, but are now full time with their talents on the web. Last night showed that they’re really connected with their fan base. And the fan base is pretty diverse in age, a result of their show, music videos and songs being clean and enjoyable. You’ll definitely want to check out all of their media that is available on their site, and watch for the new stuff that shows up frequently. You’re guaranteed to laugh, and I’m guessing you’ll even enjoy their Thursday live shows just as much. Thanks to R&L for making the flight up here, and for the enjoyable Thursday evening!

PRAYING that God provides great opportunities for R&L in the future. PRAISING God for allowing us all to use our unique talents!

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