Getting to know you

I haven’t done this before, and I’m really looking forward to it! You care enough about me (or just what I say) to stop by or subscribe. I’d like to ask each of you to answer five questions, and get to know you by reading your response via your comments. So here we go!

  1. Do you blog , and if so – where?
  2. If you could switch professions, what would you pursue?
  3. What would you consider your greatest talent / gift?
  4. Which musician / band would you want to see in concert if you could get tickets?
  5. Who, besides family, has impacted your life most / is your hero?

Thanks in advance! Pass this onto a friend / someone that might enjoy it! PRAYING for my daughters – that God would give them understanding while with friends at school. PRAISING God for giving us the parents He did – that prayed for us.

  1. janelle

    Blog –
    Pursue – full time ministry – same thing, maybe get paid a little ?
    Talent/Gift – trying to develop humility…smile….
    Band – Skillet
    Impacted life – Stanley Tam

  2. Yes, and

    If I wasn’t working with music in a church, I would probably pursue my sportswriting hobby.

    Playing the piano.

    Gaither Vocal Band.

    Brian Spencer, senior pastor at my home church from before I was born until last month (28 years).

  3. 1.
    2. I’d go from being an IT Director to being a professional photographer in a heartbeat if I could (and it is still a goal)
    3. God blessed me with enough talent to play the drums
    4. The Eagles
    5. James MacDonald. I’ve learned so much from his small group studies and his ‘Walk In The Word’ podcast.

  4. mykl snyder

    1. I pretend to. and

    2. Musical Ragamuffin

    3. Verbosity

    4. Tough one. I’m reading the question as, “…of someone you haven’t already seen live.” I’ll say 77s.

    5. Would mean mean besides Jesus, also? Rich Mullins. Or do you mean someone I have direct contact with? Jeff Pratt, high school English teacher.

  5. 1.
    2. Well, I strongly dislike being a student, so I can’t wait until I graduate and get more into IT, but if I weren’t in IT, I’d love to do architectural space planning.
    3. All things PC (sorry, Gabe…I’d like to learn Mac OS if I could get my hands on one) – programming (mostly web), network/server configuration/administration, troubleshooting, etc.
    4. Ronnie Freeman
    5. This one is a toughie. Besides my father, I would have to say my pastors/elders at church, my former boss, and my academic adviser.

  6. 1. Yes.
    2. I’m a student, and I quite enjoy it so far, I do a bit of Men’s Ministry and Web Development, so either full time would be cool.
    3. I would usually say Leadership, but I know I have such a long way to go on that one. God’s given me a gift for Mathematics which I am off to study at Durham University (UK).
    4. The Who
    5. (I can’t pick one). Nate Saint (he was my childhood hero after reading a biography), Pete Wynter (a great developer of young leaders), Yan Nicholls (A Mentor of mine) & Tom Appel (Really taught me alot about what it means to be a man in church)

    I will be commenting around here a bit more again
    God Bless

  7. Blog –
    Pursue – No, I am a stay at home dad, already in the best job in the world.
    Talent/Gift – Understanding Technology and explaining it to people that don’t
    Band – Mercy Me / Jeremy Camp
    Impacted life – Wife

  8. 1. I’m not very consistent, though.
    2. Something with music and technology – definitely music
    3. Quick to grasp concepts/ideas
    4. U2 probably – though I’m not much for concerts these days because crowds of people make me crazy.
    5. My current boss.

  9. Blog –
    Pursue – something creative, non-monotonous, and interactive – community action or website
    Talent/Gift – sense or humor, laid back, organization, creativity
    Band – Petra
    Impacted Life – Kirk Cameron – admire his convictions. and attending Way of the Master classes & watching him in Fireproof really inspired me to improve my life

  10. Emily

    2. I am about to start my dream profession in January so I have no need to switch.
    3. Organization.
    4. DC Talk needs to go on a reunion tour.
    5. I’m still looking for one of these…

  11. 1 no, I’ve started, but chicken out
    2 I am in school now, for web design/ video production, want to get into church media
    3 My incredible singing voice! yeah… riiight!, listening & hearing people
    4 Hillsongs (in Austalia would be GREAT!)
    5 Dave Roever
    dave roever

  12. 1. No blog, but read many daily.
    2. Creative Director/Designer for Church Ministry
    3. Ability to adapt. Music, Creativity.
    4. Marcus Miller
    5. A friend that sharpens me that I coach youth football with.

  13. Bryan S.

    1). I do not blog.
    2). I’m in IT, but would rather do IT for a ministry (or ministries)
    3). A willingness to learn and do new things
    4). Casting Crowns
    5). My Pastor, an amazing guy.

  14. 1. Yes,
    2. I am FINALLY a Stay-At-Home-Mom, which is truly ALL I’ve EVER wanted to be. If I HAD to work, I’d try to do something from home. (or probably go back to working in the camp office again)
    3. I think I have a gift of encouragement & a sensitive heart – I feel others’ pain deeply.
    4. I think Ayeisha Woods.
    5. This is a hard one. Really, my MIL…but she’s family, obviously… 🙂

  15. 1. Blog/podcast –
    2. I’d open a barber shop
    3. Being a husband/father
    4. Music isn’t that important to me
    5. A former roommate of mine (not mentioning his name) impacted my life greatly in a negative way. I’m still dealing with the repercussions.

  16. 1) I have been planning to blog at but lack the vision on the content I want to provide. (I want it to be an outreach blog)
    2) No need… It took me a while but I recently acquired employment as a software engineer at Olive Tree Bible Software. This is my dream job.
    3) Software Development
    4) Skillet or Switchfoot
    5) My former pastor in Southern California – Jeff Stewart, he lives the things he preaches and has inspired me in so many ways as a result.

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