Angela Hunt on God’s Mac Podcast

To easily listen to the interview visit and use the blue audio player at the end of the paragraphs.

Angela Hunt (interview starts at 37:07) joins us this week to discuss the most recent of the over 100 books she has authored, as well as her recent switch to the Mac. Her writing career is obviously going very well, with over 3 million books in print and a recent book being turned into a movie. With her writing she coverse diverse topics such as stuttering, adoption, divorce, dating, and sex. We’re sure you’ll enjoy hearing how her Mac conversion has gone! Thanks to Angela for taking the time to hang out with us!

Prior to the interview, we review the news coming out of the MacWorld Expo this week. Let us know if you agree on the positive and negative vibes from the new product and service announcements!

In the eternity segment this week we discuss the joy of giving. A very interesting discussion about how we handle everything we’ve been blessed with and are responsible for.

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