You know you’re a redneck if…

I literally am one today…….been to a Nascar race this weekend and I have a white strap across the back of my neck from my ticket holder…….the rest of me be many much more redder. Thanks to my parents for giving Nina her first night away from us on Saturday night and making this possible. I won’t go into the details of the great hotel we stayed at ( or the steak we had for lunch that our friends, the Fanslers, cooked up for us……..or even that night’s supper over at That’s a recipe for a great time for sure, but we haven’t even started our engines yet…..

We won’t mention the 7 hours it took for us to get home (2 1/2 hours away) thanks to the traffic, but what else can you expect when you and 130,000 other rednecks intrude on some farmland in the middle of nowhere? I’ve posted pics below of our trip to the pits before the race. We both got to hang out in our favorite driver’s box for a while and also grab some 250 pictures of some nice looking loud machines. Marla’s driver ended up blowing an engine on lap 18 of 200, but he’s still a contender for the championship. My driver finished 11th out of the 43 drivers and is also a contender with two weeks to go before “playoffs” begin. You just can’t beat the true patriotic feeling of the national anthem, cheers from drunk rednecks, 4 F-16s and fireworks…….then 43 cars lined up side by side roaring by at 190+ miles per hour. Many people are very correct when they say that Nascar isn’t a sport………’s a lifestyle. Don’t say a FREAKING word until you’ve been there……..or I’ll remove your comment – so there! Thanks for the beautiful weather God!

  1. glad you had fun.

    I was in Colorado when the broncos won the super bowl – woo hoo Broncosarethe beast 😉

  2. BroncosAreTheWorst – We picked up pit passes that we ordered a week ago. They’re usually sold out the day of the race.

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