Week at Myrtle Beach

We’ve spent this past week in Myrtle Beach, SC with my brother (and his family) and my parents. We were all pretty curious about the weather, wondering if it was going to rain all week as an aftermath to Hurricane Frances. It turned out to be a great week and I believe it only rained once while we’ve been here.

The girls have really enjoyed the pools (lazy river, kiddy pool, regular pool and hot tub) and the ocean. They have hopped between each of them each time we were out in the sun. Livi made great strides this week by jumping into the big pool with a small floating tube to help her out. She’s always timid at first like her father, but ends up jumping right into things when she’s been there for a while. The three restaurants we made it to this week were Bennett’s Seafood Buffet, Angelo’s Italian Buffet and last night we ate at UNO Pizzeria. They were all pretty good, but I think the girls enjoyed Angelo’s the most (especially since they also ate their with their grandparents). We’ve all had quite a bit of sun this week, but the hurricane helped keep things cool enough for the girls not to get too much. Tug and Angie and Marla and I all stopped by a timeshare for 1 1/2 hours and each made $25 by going through the preview. Tug and I decided to hit a second one yesterday and each made $50 after a 1 hour and 45 minute preview. I picked up a Virginia Tech (Bryan Randall) football jersey down here after the first one……..it might be worn out before the season is over.

That’s enough news from here. I guess I should go relax since this is vacation. We’re planning on getting out of here by 6 am in the morning. Marla and I are both excited to be headed back down to Virginia Tech for a football game next Friday morning (we’re driving through there on the way home, lol).

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