We won the scavenger hunt!

The company I work for had a family day / picnic at the Columbus Zoo today, so we all headed over there for 5 hours. We knew they were going to have a scavenger hunt, but wasn’t sure what it would be like. There is a section of the zoo for each conteninent of the globe, and there were 5 questions for each of them………and for some reason the girls were up to the task with determination. We ended up making it through and found all of the answers, but were we the first family back and were they all correct (we knew they were correct). We had to wait and eat supper first before the drama would unfold. They opened the envelope……….the TAVIANO FAMILY!!!! Boooooo Yaaaaaaa……..we are kings and queens of the world now baby! LOL. It was exhausting, but I think what was iniside the box as a prize for the girls was well worth it…….a portable DVD player for fun in the van! We’re all exhausted, but it was fun to see the girls so anxious to find out if we won. Livi came up to me afterwards and said…….”We came to win didn’t we Dad?”. Thanks for your hard work little ladies – you deserved it!

  1. WOW….tell Livi and Ava….Way to go…from Grandma ! !   That is way to cool …way to cool….how neat !  Just another example of God blesing a family who’s heart is after HIM…………….way to go…..that is FUN STUFF !

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