Update from Gabe

  1. ONLY you would introduce…all the ones that are running behind you trying to soak up all your knowledge of the computer…that is incredible….if Marla’s gang gets ahold of this one…”watch out ”  ….smile…. will cont. to pray !

  2. Praying that God will show you what you are supposed to do and how He wants to accomplish it.  Praying about the church thing too!

  3. Our church just started doing these kind of recordings for our daily “reviews and digging deeper daily” that they do to go with the Sunday messeges which are also posted for anyone who might be out of town or what not.   ( http://www.nwbible.org/resources ) It’s a pretty cool tool. 

    Forgive me as I have to chuckle listening to you as I’ve grown accustom to listening to our pastors talk on my computer speakers.  Hehehe.  You sound funny.  (This must be said using the best 2nd grade taunting voice possible.  Well, darn, if I could record this back to you, you wouldn’t have to imagine it then, huh? LOL!)  But seriously, voice intonation can really help portray the whole concept, when sarcasm or meaning of emphisis can be lost in translation in print form media.  So, very cool!  We’ll be praying for you! 

    BTW… I jumped onto xanga like two days before Marla’s shindig.  I thought about calling and asking to come, but I’ve been away from blogging for awhile, and no one else would have known me from Eve.  And frankly… I felt a tad silly.  Not being xanga an all.  Yeah, I know.  Stupid.  Whatever. (I’m soo channeling you mom right now!)  But, I think it’s pretty cool she hosted that.  Being someone who “just writes books” and all…  “Oh, you write books.  I see.”   *Wink to Marla*  (Per a convo we had about a book at your place like a millinia ago!)  I’m kinda proud of the ‘ol gal!  Way to go Idaho!  I was praying for your get together, Marla.  That was just pretty darn cool.  Just so ya knows.  🙂  *sheepish grin*

    Keep in touch!  Love ya guys.  🙂

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