Times have changed

Today’s my wife, Marla’s – http://www.taviano.com/marla, birthday. I thought I’d hop on here today and give a list of the things I am most thankful for about her. I think it’s funny how guys rarely talk positively about their wives to others, so this is my shot and enjoying the day and breaking the mold. Thanks to God for the simple blessing of allowing Marla and I to meet 10 years again and guiding us through them together.

Favorite things about Marla – in no order of importance
1. Not absorbed by fashion or desiring the approval of others.
2. A consistent walk with the Lord.
3. Courage to share negative things about yourself.
4. Loves to laugh and hates to argue.
5. Keeps things organized and is annoyed by mess and chaos.
6. Honors her parents in all that she says and desires I enjoy them.
7. Not scared to dream and imagine what the future holds.
8. Does not humiliate me in front of others, but does make me a better person every day.
9. Respects decisions that I make, even if some aren’t too thrilling.
10. Naturally desires that her writing touches souls before caring if it touches wallets.

It’s my prayer that this list doesn’t seem boastful to you. I also pray that you wives out there start getting the recognition you deserve for who God has made you, or maybe even get a wake up call if you aren’t following Him. This culture could care less about you, but I pray there’s no other that is more proud of you than your husband is – other than the Lord. If it were just Marla and I on this earth I’d still be thrilled to live another day.

  1.      WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks, Gabe, for such a loving tribute to your wife!  What a blessing you are!  I thank God so much for giving Marla such a godly husband, and our granddaughters such a godly father!  I love and appreciate you more than you’ll EVER know! 

  2. Isn’t it incredible that our wives know us, and STILL love us?  Awesome post today Gabe

  3. Reasons I love Tug.

    1.  Tug is an awesome name.

    2.  The Bible tells me to.

    3.  I remember him smiling and laughing a lot.

    4.  That picture is awesome.

    5.  Tug is an awesome name.

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