Timeout with Grandma

I’ve taken today and tomorrow off from work to spend time with Mom, Tug (my bro) and Grandma. We all really wanted to get away for a night since we aren’t sure how much time we have yet to spend with Grandma due to her brain cancer. I’m actually writing this blog in the lobby of the lodge (http://www.cherryvalleylodge.com) before I head to bed. Grandma has really been through some tough chemo lately. It takes her thinking and focuses it on something that she can’t explain to us. It’s so hard to watch her go through all of this. I am very thankful she isn’t going through much pain due to the medicine. We were able to make her laugh and smile a little……which Mom says barely happens in the middle of the chemo times. I know God is watching over her closely. There are some people that say they love God, but she is one of the few that actually live it. Lately I’ve seen and heard of so many people with greed, selfishness, immorality, drunkedness, etc……..that all say they believe in God. Realize the life God’s given you and live it for Him to the fullest……before it’s too late!

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