Thrift store and a photo shoot for the girls

Marla and the girls headed out this morning, to shop for some new fall clothes for the girls at their favorite thrift store here in northeast Columbus (Village Discount Outlet). They came back and tried everything on. God sure gave me some pretty little women….who are growing up way too fast. I’m thankful that they get excited to do that kind of shopping and aren’t flipping through Cosmo or other magazines to chase after the world’s ideas. I told them they looked great, and we headed out into the woods for a quick photo shoot!

[prophoto type=image_list post_id=2713 images=large preview=large]

  1. Love love the boots. They are getting so big. Such beautiful ladies. Luv ya guys!

  2. Mary Nowlan

    Gabe, I sure do love and appreciate your family!

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