Think twice

God really wanted to get our attention the past two weeks. We had put a decent amount of money down on a new house in Spring Hill, TN and were looking to move there on December 10th. It was pretty obvious to us that God wanted us to stay in Ohio – especially with the blessing of being able to work with the staff from the home here. At this moment in our lives we really had to look at what means the most to us.

Obviously faith comes first and that would continue to grow here or there. Family comes second. I know God has a bright future for our children, but part of that future comes in sharing it with their grandparents and cousins here in Ohio. We then just had to look at our lifestyle and whether or not we wanted to make that jump or if we were fine where we are. God’s blessed us so much with a nice home for less money as well as the ability to work at home. I sat back this past week and realized for the first time how fortunate I am for God allowing me to do that. It really is unique that this society and my position have gotten to the point that a 27 year-old could start working from home and make it just fine. We came tot he point where we knew God wanted to continue to bless us here and realized how much more thankful we need to be for what He has provided for us in our life. Work really became the third place focus of my life this week – and I am so thankful for my faith and family!

PRAYER – Please pray for Sheryl Swoopes (the basketball player I wrote about in the previous blog) and others that have fallen into the sin of homosexuality. Satan is so deceptive today. Having parents who love each other and their children doesn’t come easily today, and I believe that a lack of that is a huge factor in the child straying into this sin.

PRAISE – Thanks to God for shifting our focus the last two weeks onto being more thankful for how we’ve been blessed!

  1. Sweet mother! Now I can continue to call you more often, and we can hang-out, and we can fly planes together, and we can be friends. Seriously… that’s awesome! The Lord has been mixing it up in our lives too, we are just along for the ride. Well… I pray for you and your family and I hope to see you soon. Keep the faith…. Dan

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