The Wiggles

The girls were just full of anticipation, and the looks on their faces when they saw the lights go out and the big red car pull onto the stage just fills you with joy. We actually did end up getting down to some tunes…….Ava really has a groove of her own, and Livi just lets it all hang out. It was so amazing to sit back and watch them exit the shy world and enter the freedom and bliss of all things colorful, lol. We had a discussion during supper before heading to the arena about why only some adults still act like kids……lol. Luckily they think Marla and I both do – which might catch some of you by suprise. We had a blast tonight jammin’ to some beats we’ve heard for years on the Disney channel!

  1. even though they freak me out a little I would have been grooving on down with you 😉

    nixie = one of those adults that still acts like a kid and she is ok with this 😉

  2. hcole86 – I have no idea about the accent thing….I’ve heard them so much that I don’t notice theirs much anymore, lol. We might actually start using their accent when we sing I guess.

  3. Gabe, that is so awesome that you took them to see The Wiggles. I know my kids would have loved to see them… I would not have loved it, but oh well!! Thanks for being a great daddy!

  4. It just reminded me….of how “worship should be so free”….of how we need to show them ( ok….you guys… or me…whom ever ) needs to show them what LIVING in JESUS…truly is…total freedom in the LORD…let your hair down… “wiggle” for the LORD…………. different concert last nite…” but just having fun”..we need not to lose that when we “go to church, enter into worship, fellowship with the FAMILY OF GOD”   I just read,  “the ZEAL of the LORD”  where have you seen that in church ?   The wiggles got zeal, Willy’s got zeal…we need ZEAL…Livi and Ava…”had Zeal”  how cool that God has imbedded you in showing them the true LOVE OF A FATHER…………amazing………………amazing.

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