The wheels on the bus

I was able to make it home over lunch for our oldest daughter’s (Livi) first day of school. It was great to meet some new parents and children in the neighborhood, and she already has a friend a few doors down in her class (Sophie). The school did a great job informing the parents and children how things work with the bus system and had the parents and kids in separately last week for session to prepare for the big year. I won’t write much more since the pictures speak for themselves….and the last writing somehow was erased, lol.
 Thanks God for getting us to Columbus and letting Livi have a great first day of school!

I’m all set……the boys better watch out!

Look Mom – my friend Sophie lives just a few houses away!

Sophie….the school’s only two miles away……want to run?

It’s just 3 hours a day, but I’ll miss you Ava!

Hey Deston – check out that backpack!

The bus…..the bus…..the bus!!!!!

Hey Mom, don’t cry much – I’m having a blast!

Yes, Mrs. Calhoun……I’m a little sassy!

  1. too too cute, they are adorable, what a big event..  First day at school, I hope me little sis had a great day too 🙂  Pics are great.

  2. God love the little picture out the window !  thanx for sharing her day with Rock and I.  He will  love to see this when he gets home. Neat to see her teacher too ! Made all my thots and prayers and wonders…become reality… blogging is so neat like this.  I am thankful to that God has YOU GUYS right where HE has the best for you and for HIS KINGDOM ! thanx gabe !

  3. From your dad:  ” enjoy it…because it will go fast”   ”  I don’t know where it went…you know what I mean”   ( where you and tug’s days went )  we love you all… your mom and dad  12:00 a.m.

  4. That is neat, but I can wait til morgan goes……..wish I could hold her back 10 yrs



  5. Gabe, you almost make me want to move to the suburbs. Great pics. here’s praying for lots of great memories!

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