Thanks for moving help

Thanks to three of Marla’s cousins, one of their friends, my parents and brother, Marla’s parents, sister and soon-to-be brother-in-law, and two of my friends…….we were able to move into the new house Saturday night……some helping on the packing up end, some on the unloading end and some on both. Each person helped out tremendously! We should be back up and running with the internet by Wednesday night, so you’ll see Marla back on then. It definitely feels good to be down here now, and the shorter drive to work was nice this morning! Hopefully our  house back in Bellefontaine sells sooner than later. I’m sure God will make things happen whenever it is best for us. Sometimes it could be so easy to ask God to hurry up and do things, but so far He’s never failed us. So why should we ever have any reason to doubt He’ll come through? Have a great week!

  1. Hey Gabe,

    Our neighbors are selling too and he passed along something iinteresting. Apparently when Nationwide found out their previous home was empty, they dropped the home owners coverage on it. Not sure if this is standard practice for all companies or not. Their approach this time (they are moving to their new house this week) is to keep some of their old furniture in the living rom so they have a place to sit when they come check on the house and do cleaning before any showings.

    I don’t know how you would check if your insurance co is like that without risking the coverage, but maybe someone can lend you an old couch? 🙂

  2. Cami Ackerman’s father is going to clean our carpet in the house up there tomorrow. Lee’s Roofing just finished putting a new roof on there today. I’ll check in with AllState to see how they handle the insurance stuff…..thanks for the tip. Yeah, it would have been nice to say goodbye to the class at church. We kind of just decided to move last week and are now here…..a little fast, but it worked. Thanks for checking in!

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