Surprise from Marla

I was working in the office today and an older guy that lives down the street stopped and was hinting to Marla (as she was walking into the house) about me coming down and taking a look at his computer for him. I went ahead and walked down to his house. All I could tell him was that his processor wasn’t too fast and that Windows ME isn’t the best operating system to be running. Other than that, everything else was working fine.

The past few days I had been talking about saving money up to buy Madden 2005 (pro football video game for my Xbox), but started leaning towards not wanting to save for it. I got into the house and Marla had just purchased the game and had it laying on my desk. I was pretty suprised that’s for sure. I usually spend some time in the evenings playing video games, depending on when Marla is writing her books and if the girls need some wrestling. I ended up staying up until 2:15 this morning playing the football game online. I’ve been playing college football up until now…….most of the time against Reggie, a friend I met a few games ago online. He was doing his best to persuade me to get Madden as soon as possible. He was thanking Marla and might be as suprised as I was that she pulled that off.

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