Spice it up

I finally finished the last bit of my wife’s new book (pictured above), and I really do endorse it now like Harvest House wanted me to on the back cover. It’s been incredible to hear how many different women from all age levels have enjoyed the book and have already seen fruit in their own marriages. This book wasn’t about how extravagant our sex life is, but about how God sincerely desires for us to enjoy this private life he’s given inside of marriage. If only the church would get a grip and start sharing the same examples God has given us?

I created an ecard this week and thought you might enjoy taking a look at it. It includes links to buy the book (or a discount for buying both books directly from us), a free downloadable sample chapter, and an email form to send it directly to a friend from the site. Feel free to pass the web address below to friends and family. After reading it I think they’ll be glad you did!


  1. Just got the book and rad a chunk out to SP last night – he thinks it’s great (no surprises there) and I am loving it… Woo Hoot for your lovely wife. She is HOTT too 😉

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