Some things are bigger in Texas

texastriparchWe made it! After driving a total 3,687 miles, taking a whopping 3,109 pictures, visiting a total of 9 zoos, and making countless memories….we’re back home in Ohio. We met some great people while stopping in Oklahoma and Texas. We made a few stops while traveling from Ohio through Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky. You’ll see in the pictures that we stopped at the Arch while going through St. Louis. That’s a city we have to return to this summer for one of the 52 Zoos (we do have to backtrack a bit to get them all in and not make the girls miss too many school days).

We also toured the Alamo and the River Walk while in San Antonio. It was neat to be in town while the Spurs (their NBA team) were hosting Dallas in a playoff game. That city sure likes their team. For some odd reason, the women seem to be a huge fan base for them.

texastripalamoGod’s really shown up through each of these trips. Those are the memories that will last in our minds forever. People, some who might not even realize it, being Jesus to us. It’s becoming less normal for people to interact these days. It’s also not normal to give gifts, meals, a place to sleep, or many other things to strangers you’ve never met (in person). This tour sure has allowed those things to change for the good. We have recognized that there is an attitude / mentality shift as we travel further south. There’s definitely more pride shown, but I think that’s because things like these are more normal there. To me there just seems to be more of an emphasis on people and friendliness in some parts of the south.

I’ll blog every now and again about the trip, but just wanted to stop in and give thanks to God for guiding and providing as only He could.

PRAYING that God will continue to work in the life of a new friend. PRAISING God for providing even in the smallest of details.

  1. janelle

    I agree with the south thing, and realize, I am a northerner…..God in the whole trip..think how this
    has effected each one of you, what a neat way to
    show the girls…” JESUS ” !

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