Sleepless in Seattle

seattlesleeplessApologies for the blog absence this week! Been pushing to get work done before I fly out to Seattle tomorrow morning to speak at the BibleTech Conference. I kind of feel like I’ve been sleepless before I even get to Seattle, but I’m sure the fun God has in store won’t allow for much shuteye out west.

It’s been a pretty insane week, but I have to give God some props! There is work coming in, even more than the usual pace recently. Thanks to those who read this who have helped me get ready for this trip. Family, friends, clients, and the Lord have all played vital parts in making it all possible. Sometime I’ll have to share a few posts that lets you in on how I can actually do what I do. It’s not all about me, which gives me more freedom to actually want to open that can of worms.

lifewayrecommendsI’ll be sure to post some photos and updates over on Twitter while I’m gone. The photo to the right was snapped by our friend Kelly over in Indianapolis! It was really encouraging to see that LifeWay has placed Marla’s new “Expecting” book on the recommended shelf,

PRAYING for the individuals crossing the country and the globe for this week’s conference. PRAISING God for guiding the staff and allowing the conference to take place in bad economic times. It’s not about the numbers or the financial profit when our God is involved.

  1. Awesome Gabe.. I will keep you in prayer. What an exciting opportunity. Too bad the whole family couldn’t come along and visit some zoos!! I am thrilled that God is providing work. And am praying for Marla daily. Love you guys and looking forward to your tweets

  2. DarylG

    Looks like you guys will have an awesome time in Seattle. Hoping your talk goes well. Be safe. I’ll be watching for your tweets as well.

  3. How was/is Seattle? You know you’re only 2 hours (maybe almost 3) north of where I live? I love it up there. If you are still there, check out Top Pot Donuts, they’re incredible.

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