Ready for a wild time

famatanimalkingdomIt’s been too long. Our last zoo for the 52 Zoos in 52 Weeks tour was in Miami on January 2nd. At least after this week we will only have 20 more to go to hit the 52 mark on August 1st! The girls are a bit excited to get back on track and have a fun spring break week off of school. God’s been good in giving us three daughters that ride well (being careful not to say “great” and sound like one of of those with the parents of perfect children syndrome). We have a blast, and unless it’s a massive day (like the picture shows after Disney’s Animal Kingdom) they all get through without falling asleep. It’s almost a routine now that we’ve done it so much.

It’s good for Marla and I, since we’re not just married but also office mates every day, to get away from the desks and eyes off of these computer screens! I’ll probably do some short blog posts while on the road. But I’m looking forward to meeting some of the individuals that I’ve connected with online while on this tour. Folks like the staff at, Kent Shaffer, and many blog friends of Marla’s! It’s great to actually connect, enjoying time with them and the time we get alone with our family. The best part of the trips? Trusting God more and more each day, and seeing Him provide and clear our path in ways that only He could. Hopefully you had a great day celebrating the empty tomb of our Savior, Jesus Christ today! Thanks for reading!

PRAYING for travels, health and everything else that comes into play on trips like these. PRAISING God for the friends that are letting us stay at their houses. And others / the work God has provided that have helped make the trip possible!

  1. janelle

    I will pray constantly for you, your driving, your whole place in all this, the Divine connections from the LORD..and the bond this is between YOU ~MARLA~LIVI~AVA~NINA….bless GAbe, Bless them all…from YOU straight to THEM…. in the NAME above ALL names. JESUS !

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