Psycho agent man

We closed on our house tonight in Columbus and move in either late Saturday night or Sunday. The couple who sold us the house were nice, but their real estate agent just seemed to be confused when we got there. He got there before the couple did, but sat down on our side of the table and called my wife Brenda? Her name is Marla – really – I didn’t marry Brenda? Apparently the last time he saw the couple was a few months ago and forgot all about them. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want this man selling my house for me – he might give away or something absurd, lol. We let our realtor know about the incident afterwards since she wasn’t there at the beginning.

My boss let me have a vacation day before I qualified for them (have to be there 90 days). So I get to be home all day tomorrow and get things ready with Marla. Nice people just make life better. I need to do more things like that for other people. Things that bring a smile to their face.

  1. Just wondering if you are still doing freelance work for websites??  I work for a Christian organisation with a very nasty website.  I know you aer moving house but when you get a min let me know 😉

  2. a) cool picture!!!
    b) i feel like i shouldn’t talk to you b/c i know too much about you from “The Book!”
    c) I ♥ your wife
    d) I think it was WAY WAY WAY too huge to be a squirrel. I couldn’t walk very close to it because it got bigger and bigger and too scarey to get close to…like the size of a med. dog!
    e) I completely missed with the power guys were here to get it down, so i couldn’t ask them what it was-now we will be forever curious!
    f) I’ll try not to taint Marla too much! 😉

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